Corporate Speaking & Training

Kris provides speaking and training services to businesses wanting to develop, motivate and inspire their team to high-performance! Here’s a look at the presentations and training offered:

High-Performance Series (5 options)

Presentations are 45 minutes (time may be modified upon request)

1. Seeking Clarity

Outcome: Understanding where you have strengths in gaps in the amount of clarity about who you are, how you treat others, and learn what principles and practices keep you performing at your best.

2. Energy is Everything

Outcome: Learn how to amplify your energy each day, so you have the vibrancy and stamina needed to achieve your goals and aspirations.

3. Developing Courage

Outcome: Learn where how to feel confident and courageous in your life, and where you might be holding back or backing down in some situations so you can face challenges and achieve more goals.

4. Raising Necessity & Increasing Productivity

Outcome: Learn how to be productive and effective in your life and work and give you a set of tools to help you quickly and easily improve in those areas.

5. Developing Influence & Persuasion

Outcome: Learn how to have more influence in your relationships and career by giving you tools and concepts that will raise your level of action and impact.

*All the above presentations are based on research conducted at the High-Performance Institute and are backed by proven science. 

Note: All the above presentations may be combined into a one-day seminar)

Health & Lifestyle Series (5 options) 

Presentations are 45 minutes (time may be modified upon request)

1. Food & Nutrition

Outcome: Learn how to get the energy we need from foods without restoring to rigid and restrictive diets.

2. Emotions & Mindset

Outcome: Learn the habits necessary to become aware and manage emotions so you can develop a positive mindset and increase your self-esteem and confidence.

3. Activity & Exercise

Outcome: Learn the tools to incorporate more natural movement at work and home so we can increase our stamina and overall health.

4. Personal Relationship Building 

Outcome: Learn how to satisfy our needs for love, connection, and support while having enough energy to provide the same for our loved ones, customers, and business associates. 

5. Relaxing, Sleeping & Stress Reduction

Outcome: How to put ourselves back into our schedules so we can relax, sleep, and recover without feeling guilty or that we’re missing out and falling behind.  

*All seminars are based from the All-Inclusive Lifestyle Academy 

Note: All the above presentations can be combined into a one-day seminar

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