The Story of my Comeback

Sometimes we need to experience a breakdown in order to experience a breakthrough
kris j simpson weight loss coach and author of the all inclusive diet before and after

Kris J. Simpson | Finding Balance

Mastering our lifestyle is one of the life’s most significant challenges by far.

We’re not biologically wired to take care of ourselves; instead, we’re more naturally more motivated to take care of other people, places, and things.

On top of that, making positive changes to our lifestyle takes an enormous amount of energy just to get started, and even more, energy to sustain.

And here’s the root of the problem,  we’re continually being drained of energy through enduring day to day stress.

If you have ever struggled with an emotional problem, weight problem or health problem – well you’re not alone.

I’ve been there too.

There was a time that my lifestyle was an absolute mess.

It led to three breakdowns over a three year period.

#1 – Health Breakdown: I was 50 lbs. overweight and dealing with a severe medical problem, all caused by an underlying addiction to drugs and alcohol.

#2 – Career Breakdown: My business of 15 years went into a state of bankruptcy.

#3 – Relationship Breakdown: My marriage of 15 years broke-down and I went through a painful divorce.

But I’m unquestionably grateful for my most significant challenges thus far in life.

That’s because I learned three invaluable lessons that I would like to share with you:

1. Sometimes you need a breakdown so you can have a breakthrough

2. Sometimes when you think you have health, career or relationship problem – you just have a Power Problem

3. I found the solution to these issues in what I now call the 5-Facet Lifestyle Formula.

Not only where these lessons life-changers for me, but they also helped me coach and train hundreds of clients to re-create their lifestyles and find higher levels of success and happiness in their lives.

They also inspired me to write my new book, the #1 bestseller, All Inclusive Diet.

I share my story of the struggle for anyone else who is struggling or feels stuck. It’s a story about how I needed to fall to rise and how success indeed is measured by the comeback.  I am now happily creating my legacy as a proud father, partner, coach, and author. 

Kris J Simpson

My Epic Mission

“In this life,

my epic mission will lead me to a profound

yet simple understanding of human emotion, mentality, and physicality.

The totality of the human experience.

I want to be known as a teacher, leader and caregiver

of this newly discovered knowledge and wisdom,

sharing my personal experiences 

and leaving behind more human beings that

live a life of abundance from this inside out.”